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I haven’t been baking much recently as the smallest boy doesn’t love sleeping as much as I do. So any extra energy has gone to running instead of baking. However, I had a day I which I scored a nap (gold, I tell you) and the baking urge returned.

I understand that it’s Thanksgiving in the US. We don’t celebrate it in Australia and I have always been confused by the whole pumpkin/sweet potato with marshmallows thing, particularly as it seems to be served as a side dish with savoury items. A vegetable with confectionary. I don’t get it. But then I saw this recipe for sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting and it made a lot more sense. I was intrigued.

Here is my attempt. I decided to make individual cupcakes as I figured they would be easier to give away (I do not like to have baked goods in the house while I am breast feeding as I will eat them even though I don’t want to).

I used one purple potato and one orange one, which resulted in a kind of greyish cake. I don’t think it affected the taste, however.

Here is how it all unfolded.






And now I’m off for a run. Hopefully I can offload the cakes onto the school mums at drop off time!


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