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I actually did the last Daring Bakers’ Challenge (although not well, from memory) but never got around to blogging about it. And then I went and had another baby, as you do, so that has taken up most of my energy recently, along with my capacity to bend over and move with any semblance of grace. However, beautiful baby number 3 is now here and we are all back home together. In celebration of this fact, and just because I wanted biscuits, I made these ginger flavoured biscuits from Wholefood Simply. They took me about 5 minutes and were delicious! Next time I will follow a suggestion made by Kim of Twitter’s @lifeinsurryhills and add some grated lime zest too.

Here they are before and after baking. I used some biscuit stamps I bought in the UK – they are a bit cheesy but cute enough to get away with it I think!




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