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Monte Carlo Biscuits

The husband and I approach carbo-loading for races quite differently. I really hate it and therefore try to get away with just adding a few more slices of toast and jam. He doesn’t enjoy it either, but will dutifully plough through extra cereal, packets of lollies (Starburst Gummi Fruits being the favourite) and huge tubs of carbohydrate powder. And biscuits. So many biscuits. He always gets through at least one packet of Monte Carlos, sometimes accompanied by a packet of Butternut Snaps. It’s an unusual method, but one which seems to be paying off for him this year, with a number of wins and selection in the Australian Long Distance Mountain Running Team. So for his latest win I promised him some home made Monte Carlos. Injury, crankiness (due to injury), pregnancy and fatigue (due to pregnancy) all meant that the promise was not fulfilled straight away. But here, after 3 weeks, are the Monte Carlos.

I used this recipe from Good Food, largely because it contained coconut. Some of the others didn’t, so I didn’t trust them. I also upped the coconut factor by using coconut sugar in place of brown sugar. No real reason for that, just because it was at the front of our tetris-like pantry.

Biscuits in the pre-baking stage


Baked, un-assembled biscuits




I’m ready for my close up


I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, although I can only comment on their appearance. They met with a thumbs up from the husband though, which is the most important thing.


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